Saturday, December 28, 2013

My wife and I met in person with Mike McMorris, Retail Personal Banker, at Fifth Third Bank, located at 53 S 2nd Street, Lafayette IN 47901 to find out what steps would be needed to close my deceased mother's savings account.  Mike mentioned we might be interested in some services the bank offered.

On 2013-12-26 or 2013-12-27 my wife made an appointment for 10:00 on 2013-12-28 to meet with Mike to close the account.

On 2013-12-28 my wife, my sister, and I arrived a few minutes early for the10:00 appointment.  He still had a client in his office.  At around 10:03 I was shocked that he had customers without an appointment go ahead of us.  After they left, at 10:21 he invited us in.  I suggested to him  that the bank should have more than one person working if he was doing appointments.  (Why make an appointment, if it doesn't get you higher priority than a walk-in?)  There were four offices and a conferencce room next to his office that had no one in them.

My sister and I received checks for half the balance of the account.  We weren't interested in any of the services Mike talked about earlier.  We deposited the checks at one of Fifth Third's competitors and I told two tellers and one banker there about the bad service at Fifth Third.

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Michael McMorris
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Learn to Solder" Book Review

Learn to Solder is an O'Reilly Media Maker Press book.

The book comes with MAKE's Getting Started with Soldering Kit or can be purchased separately.

The book alone isn't a great introduction to soldering.  It doesn't describe what soldering is, why one would want to solder something, or all safety precautions to take while soldering.  There is no discussion of the pros and cons of lead-based vs. lead-free solder.

If you already know the information in the previous paragraph the book contains good hands-on information on setting up your work area, tinning, soldering, desoldering, etc.

You may want to watch the free Make Video Podcast Learn How to Solder - Skill Building Workshop before considering purchasing the book separately or as part of the kit.

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