Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Learn to Solder" Book Review

Learn to Solder is an O'Reilly Media Maker Press book.

The book comes with MAKE's Getting Started with Soldering Kit or can be purchased separately.

The book alone isn't a great introduction to soldering.  It doesn't describe what soldering is, why one would want to solder something, or all safety precautions to take while soldering.  There is no discussion of the pros and cons of lead-based vs. lead-free solder.

If you already know the information in the previous paragraph the book contains good hands-on information on setting up your work area, tinning, soldering, desoldering, etc.

You may want to watch the free Make Video Podcast Learn How to Solder - Skill Building Workshop before considering purchasing the book separately or as part of the kit.

revised: July 10, 2010
created: July 10, 2010

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